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Data Center Dust Control & Cleaning | Data Center Vacuum

Data Center Dust Cleaning with Microfiber Cloth

Last Updated on October 5, 2021 by Alterum Data Center Experts

Why is it Critical to Keep Data Centers Free of Dust?

Data centers and the advanced technology they contain are highly susceptible to a wide range of impacts caused by the presence of dust and other airborne particles. The dust has the power to cause several problems, affecting everything from the energy efficiency of equipment to potentially causing critical equipment failure and server interference, leading to data loss, system restarts, and more.

Because the components of modern computers and other data center equipment have become so small, they have also become much more susceptible to these significant issues, even with only minimal exposure to dust. If you’re the manager or owner of a data center looking for some professional cleaning experts who have been specially trained to handle data center equipment, please consider contacting Alterum Technologies today.

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What are the Benefits of Keeping Data Centers Clean?

Keeping data centers clean and dust-free provides several benefits, including keeping equipment safe while prolonging the lifespan of the technology itself to prevent the need for costly replacements. Dust cleaning can also significantly reduce the risk of fires caused by hardware dust accumulation, general hardware failure and minimize the overall presence of air pollution and live contaminants.

Interior Dust Cleaning for IT Buildings and Equipment

Suppose dust has settled into IT equipment or is highly present in IT-designated buildings. In that case, professional cleaners will need to be called in to handle the issue using specialized tools, such as ESD equipment containing a HEPA filter to collect and trap dust.

Cleaning IT Equipment and Server Cabinets

Dust and dirt can be attracted by static electricity, so IT devices, server cabinets, switches, and other technological equipment will need to be thoroughly cleaned of dust regularly. Doing so will prevent potential safety hazards, server failures, or other interruptions.

Cleaning Cable Routes and Wire Trays

It’s incredibly easy for dust to collect on power lines, fiber optic cables, and network cables, so these components will also have to be carefully cleaned, along with the rest of the data center equipment.

Data Center Step-by-Step Dust Cleaning

Dust is quite stubborn and tends to leave behind residue even after being wiped down, especially if the dust has to be cleaned without much water. It’s essential that data center cleaning staff completely remove all traces of dust and other pollutants from their technology to keep the equipment protected while ensuring that it lasts as long as possible.

Step 1

First, a professionally trained data center cleaning service should use a dust filtering vacuum with specialized HEPA filters to remove even the finest dust particles from on and around the equipment, as well as desks and other work surfaces.

Step 2

Equipment should then be carefully wiped down with slightly damp microfiber rags to collect any remaining dust. The water used should be clear to prevent streaks, and the rags should be frequently rinsed. Also, staff should remember to wet and rinse their rags away from the server rooms, as liquids should never be brought near the machines.

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Step 3

Dust remains in the air for an extended time and will settle onto surfaces very slowly, especially after maintenance repairs, construction work, or other such projects. Ensure the cleaning process noted above is done on a routine basis to limit the presence of as much dust as possible.

Step 4

Cleaning and maintenance staff should ensure that there are no drafts in the data center that could increase the presence of dust and spread it throughout the facility.

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Server Room Floor and Raised Floor Cleaning

It’s not just the data center equipment that needs to be routinely cleaned by professionals to keep everything running smoothly. The floors and areas surrounding (and underneath) the equipment will also need to be cleaned to remove the presence of harmful dust and dirt particles effectively. Ensuring that these areas are regularly cleaned will help further protect the data center’s equipment by removing excess dust.

Server Room and Raised Floor Step-by-Step Dust Cleaning

Cleaning the floor and subfloor may not be as tricky as cleaning the actual data center equipment. However, it is just as essential and must be done carefully to prevent any potential damage to the area surrounding the equipment or the equipment itself.

Step 1

Begin the process by removing a few of the floor panels and carefully clean them of any dust or other dirt particles using a vacuum and a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Again, rinse the rags regularly and avoid bringing any liquid close to the data center equipment.

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Step 2

After cleaning a section of the floor panels, cleaning staff should use an ESD vacuum with HEPA filter to remove dust from the bare floor and subfloor, and any floor supports that they find.

Step 3

Once all of the floor panels and the areas under them have been thoroughly cleaned, put the panels back in their proper position and clean off the floor’s surface once more with the ESD vacuum. If there are any remaining particles that the vacuum can’t remove, take a slightly damp microfiber cloth to clean them before letting the area dry. Be sure to avoid leaving water on the surface or edges of the floor panels, as it could damage them over time.

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