Data Center Services

Your data centers and IDFs demand steady, reliable power: no exceptions, no surprises. Alterum delivers just that, keeping your network humming and your data intact.

Alterum works with the power-protection industry’s leading manufacturers to offer cutting-edge solutions to your power-assurance needs. From generators and three-phase UPS solutions to rack PDUs and single-phase UPS, we support your entire operation, no matter its scale. You’ll get the best power protection available, tailored precisely to your present needs and future goals.


Data Center Cooling

Every server room is different, right down to its cooling needs. The right cooling solution preserves your IT investments and keeps you in business; today’s cooling systems are remarkably energy-efficient, to boot. Alterum’s custom cooling systems are built to match your space, your equipment, your budget, and your future plans. We specialize in ceiling-mounted, rack-mounted, and portable cooling solutions, along with down-flow and in-row options.

Data Center Infrastructure

Choosing a space for your data center or IT office is just the first step. To get the most out of every square foot, you’ll need an efficient design, the right racks and enclosures, and professional installation. Alterum offers comprehensive data center solutions featuring innovative designs, the latest hardware systems, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your data center is durable, easy to cool and maintain, and scalable.

Even a bit of dust—the kind that wouldn’t bother us at home—can compromise your data center’s performance. Alterum’s innovative cleaning services meet the exacting standards necessary to keep data centers running at top form. Each of our customers is unique, which is why we customize our cleaning solutions for each client. Night or day, even on the weekend, we have a cleaning solution that meets your requirements and your schedule.

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Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

"Overseeing a migration to a 100g network comes with challenges, sourcing 3 rd party optics being one of them.

Alterum Technologies sources and delivered exactly what we needed ahead of schedule."

Scott W.

Infrastructure Manager

We are growing quickly, and we need quality network growth and always at a moments notice. Alterum Technologies always delivers!
John Allison
CEO & Founder
I am often asked by clients for recommendations for sourcing partners. I never hesitate to recommend Alterum Technologies.
Alicia Potter
Network Engineer
I always need quality power cords in custom colors and lengths. Alterum Technologies always have what I need, and we love their customer support.
Edward Suarez
Infrastructure Engineer
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