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Alterum Technologies data center cleaning experts have over 30 years experience in cleaning and maintaining data centers across the United States. We beat industry standard prices and guarantee satisfaction.

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Our Services

Here’s what services Alterum Technologies data center cleaning teams offer.

Equipment Cleaning

IT equipment cleaning is one of the most important aspects of data center cleaning. We will clean the interior and exterior of your equipment, cabinets, and workstations using specialized cleaning devices.

Raised Floor Cleaning

This involves vacuuming and mopping the floor surface with cleaning chemicals that are approved by your facility. Floor rejuvenation services may also be offered, such as mechanical scrubbing.

Subfloor Cleaning

Subfloor cleaning involves vacuuming the subfloor plenum using specialized critical vacuum filters. Your data center cleaning team will use special vacuums with shielded motors to protect your equipment.

Overhead and Ceiling Cleaning

The data center cleaning team will use a special vacuum to clean above or below the drop ceiling. The service may include vacuuming and wiping down the overhead raceways with a facility-approved anti-septic cleaner.

Site Preparation

The site preparation cleaning can help give your facilities a professional look. If the site visit involves any sort of construction or maintenance, the data center cleaning service can also help with post-construction cleaning.

Electrostatic Disinfectant Spraying

Data cleaning services perform electrostatic disinfectant spraying to clean large, non-critical areas of your data center. The team will apply a one-step disinfectant and allow it to air dry. This process allows you to disinfect large areas faster and disinfect more surface area.

High-Touch Disinfection

High-touch disinfection involves cleaning both critical and non-critical areas using approved disinfectants. Surfaces should be given ample time to air dry, so the disinfectant has enough time to kill any pathogens.

Custodial Services

Some data center cleaning teams also offer custodial services. Daily custodial services may include vacuuming, mopping, and wiping down equipment.

Disaster Recovery Cleaning

Whether there’s a flood, earthquake, or fire, a data center cleaning service can be at the ready when disaster strikes. After asking you specific questions related to the emergency, the data center cleaning service will come to your facility and immediately get to work.

Zinc Whisker Cleaning

Zinc whiskers can cause contamination in your data center when they break off and start to circulate freely throughout the air. It takes extensive effort to remove zinc whiskers from the atmosphere, and a data center cleaning team can help with successful remediation.

Data Center Cleaning Services

Keeping your data center in good condition should be one of your business’s main priorities. In addition to choosing the right data center layout and keeping your data center cool, you also need to clean your data center regularly. The best way to keep your data center clean is to hire a data center cleaning service.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Data Center?

First things first, why do you need to clean your data center? Protecting the equipment and the health of your personnel in your data center is essential for running a successful business. 

In today’s fast-paced world, any amount of downtime can be detrimental to your business. By cleaning your data center regularly, you can help reduce the instances of downtime. Of course, cleaning services and other electrical equipment isn’t as simple as cleaning a regular office building. 

To clean this environment properly, you need to have specialized training, which is where a data cleaning service comes into play.

Data Center Power Services

Alterum Technologies Specializes In:

Not all data centers are the same, and therefore, not all data center cleaning should be the same. Our data center cleaning services can collaborate with your organization to figure out a cleaning schedule that works for your organization.

In addition to cleaning your server room according to industry standards, they’ll also create a plan for handling any special equipment or areas of your data room.

What to Look for in a Data Center Cleaning Service

Data Center Raised Clean Flooring

Industry Certifications

Look for a data center cleaning service that’s been nationally certified by a respected governing body, such as the ADCCP (Association of Data Center Cleaning Professionals).

Proper Equipment

It’s vital that the data center cleaning service you hire has the proper equipment to get the job done. For example, if they’re going to be vacuuming your facility, they should be using ULPA-filtered cleanroom vacuums.

Not only will does proper equipment ensure effective cleaning, but it also helps ensure that both your staff and your data equipment stay safe. Before you hire a data center cleaning service, you should ask for a full list of the equipment that will be used.


Look for a data center cleaning service that can provide you with a list of professional references. Once you have a list, call up the references and ask for details related to staff friendliness, communication, and overall cleaning quality.

Trained Employees

It’s also essential that the data center cleaning service you hire has properly trained employees. Ask the cleaning service how they screen employees before hiring them and whether they conduct background and drug tests.

You should also ask how they train employees prior to their first cleaning.

Data Center Cleaning Services FAQ

Cleaning your data center is vital for preventing downtime and the costs associated with it. Cleaning can also help improve equipment reliability and help you maintain an optimal environment in your data center.

Different cleaning services need to be performed at different frequencies. General custodial cleaning such as light vacuuming can be performed every day.

The subfloor and the ceiling plenums should be cleaned at least once per year. The regular floor surfaces should be cleaned at least once per quarter, and the equipment and cabinet exteriors should also be cleaned once every quarter.

Alterum Technologies offers the following data cleaning services:

  • Floor surface cleaning
  • Disaster recovery cleaning
  • Zinc whisker remediation
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Subfloor sealing
  • Particle counting taken before and after cleaning
  • Environmental reporting
  • MDF/IDF closet cleaning
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Subfloor and above ceiling cleaning

The data center cleaning process begins by contacting Alterum Technologies for a consultation. During the consultation, you’ll go over the specifications of your facility, what type of cleaning you’ve had done in the past, the cleaning services you’re looking for, and how often you need your facilities to be cleaned.

Alterum Technologies can also provide you with references from prior customers. After, a proposal will be drawn up for your team to look over and sign. Then, the cleaning team will be deployed to your facility at the agreed-upon time and date.

In addition to data center cleaning, Alterum Technologies also offers:

Data Center Power: This includes power system design and planning, power monitoring and reporting, battery replacement, and more.

Data Center Cooling: Alterum Technologies offers ceiling cooling, portable cooling, chillers, rack-mounted cooling, airflow management, and more.
Data Center Infrastructure:

Alterum Technologies can help you create an efficient design for your data center so you can get the most out of every square foot

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