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Let's help you power and structure your data center.

Alterum Technologies data center power experts have over 30 years experience in cabling and powering data centers across the United States. We beat industry standard prices and guarantee satisfaction.

We are growing quickly, and we need quality network growth and always at a moments notice. Alterum Technologies always delivers!
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I am often asked by clients for recommendations for sourcing partners. I never hesitate to recommend Alterum Technologies.
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I always need quality power cords in custom colors and lengths. Alterum Technologies always have what I need, and we love their customer support.
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"Overseeing a migration to a 100g network comes with challenges, sourcing 3 rd party optics being one of them.

Alterum Technologies sources and delivered exactly what we needed ahead of schedule."

Scott W.

Infrastructure Manager

We Offer Full Power Services

Our Services

Here’s what services Alterum Technologies data center power experts offer.

Power System Design & Planning

We work with you, from new construction to pre-existing infrastructure, to design and implement plans for a power system that best fits your specifications and requirements. We'll also plan ahead, ensuring your power system can handle all future requirements.

Power Monitoring & Reporting

Understanding the power consumption and requirements of each rack deployment ensures the efficient operations of your servers and forecasts the required PDUs needed now or in the future. Alterum Technologies can track, plan, and implement ideal solutions to fit each rack's specific needs.

Full Protection Programs

Alterum Technologies can protect your power supply, data, and equipment, ensuring your data center stays safe while operating at optimal performance standards. We can help you get in touch with manufacturers and distributers most don't have access to.

Battery Replacements

Batteries are the most vulnerable part of UPS systems, no matter the capacity or brand. Power Solutions Teams can maximize system availability while maintaining and replacing batteries and implementing strategies to prevent battery degradation.


Data center infrastructure management sits at the intersection of IT and building facility operations. DCIM services provide system administrators a strategic analysis of a data center's performance so that energy, floor space, and equipment achieve ultimate efficiency.

Rack PDUs

Alterum Technologies can mount the necessary power distribution units - intelligent or non-intelligent - to effectively control and distribute power based on system requirements. Proper racks and cabling management is essential to a great data center.

Automatic Transfer Switch

We can install, maintain, and monitor your automatic transfer switches. Reliable power no matter the circumstances. Essential power loads seamlessly from the primary source to the backup - or vice versa - ensuring continuous uptime for your vital systems.

Single & Three-Phase UPS Systems

Alterum Technologies can install and maintain Single or Three-Phase power circuits, perfectly implemented to handle your data center's electrical load requirements while enabling an uninterrupted power supply.

Data Center Power Solutions

Alterum Technologies brings to the table 100 combined years of experience in the Data Center Consulting and Maintenance arena, including a roster of over 800 satisfied clients and the endorsements to back that up. Alterum Technologies manages over 1400 data center sites and nearly 1300 edge computing sites while enjoying a reputation for delivering results on time – or ahead of schedule. Alterum Technologies is the resource you need to fulfill all your data center management and power solution needs. Discover how Alterum Technologies can provide best-in-class customer service & support for your organization.

Why Do You Need Data Center Power Consulting?

Your data centers and intermediate distribution frames (IDFs) demand steady, reliable power without exception. Alterum Technologies delivers just that, with no surprises. Alterum Technologies will keep your network steady and your data intact.

Alterum Technologies works with the power-protection industry’s leading manufacturers to offer cutting-edge solutions to your power assurance needs. We support your entire operation, no matter its scale, from generators and three-phase UPS solutions to rack PDUs and single-phase UPS. You’ll get the best power protection available, tailored precisely to your present needs and future goals.

Data Center Power Services

What to Look for in a Data Center Power Services

Data Center Raised Clean Flooring

Industry Certifications

Data Center Power Solutions agencies should be certified by respected national governing bodies that set rigorous standards to earn certification. Be sure to investigate whether a Data Center Power Solutions service is certified and who certified them.

Proper Equipment

Before hiring anyone, ask for a complete list of equipment used. The use of correct equipment ensures your staff and data are kept safe.


Don’t hire anyone who can’t provide a list of professional references supporting their work ethic and service. Ask those references about the friendliness of staff, communication, and overall quality of work.

Trained Employees

Do the prospective power solutions services run background checks on their employees? What about drug tests or other essential vetting concerns? Ask about training processes, too, to ensure the workers know what they’re doing when they’re around your sensitive systems.

Data Center Power Solutions FAQ

Cleaning your data center is vital for preventing downtime and the costs associated with it. Cleaning can also help improve equipment reliability and help you maintain an optimal environment in your data center.

Different cleaning services need to be performed at different frequencies. General custodial cleaning such as light vacuuming can be performed every day.

The subfloor and the ceiling plenums should be cleaned at least once per year. The regular floor surfaces should be cleaned at least once per quarter, and the equipment and cabinet exteriors should also be cleaned once every quarter.

Alterum Technologies offers the following data cleaning services:

  • Floor surface cleaning
  • Disaster recovery cleaning
  • Zinc whisker remediation
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Subfloor sealing
  • Particle counting taken before and after cleaning
  • Environmental reporting
  • MDF/IDF closet cleaning
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Subfloor and above ceiling cleaning

The data center cleaning process begins by contacting Alterum Technologies for a consultation. During the consultation, you’ll go over the specifications of your facility, what type of cleaning you’ve had done in the past, the cleaning services you’re looking for, and how often you need your facilities to be cleaned.

Alterum Technologies can also provide you with references from prior customers. After, a proposal will be drawn up for your team to look over and sign. Then, the cleaning team will be deployed to your facility at the agreed-upon time and date.

In addition to data center cleaning, Alterum Technologies also offers:

Data Center Power: This includes power system design and planning, power monitoring and reporting, battery replacement, and more.

Data Center Cooling: Alterum Technologies offers ceiling cooling, portable cooling, chillers, rack-mounted cooling, airflow management, and more.
Data Center Infrastructure:

Alterum Technologies can help you create an efficient design for your data center so you can get the most out of every square foot

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